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Did you ever wonder how such an informative little paper could be free? Because your supplier purchases it for you! Why, you might ask? Because it’s a great way to show you new ideas and products that are available which, hopefully, you can’t wait to purchase from them. Since local suppliers offer classes and a wealth of information, we highly recommend that you get your free copy of SGN from them.

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But, quite often, people pick up a copy of SGN while traveling, and don’t know where to get future issues. If your supplier does not carry Stained Glass News, ask them to! If you can’t find a local distributor, you can order a subscription.

A one year subscription (5 issues) includes the pattern.
The cost is:
• $25.00 per year in the U.S.
• $35.00 per year (U.S. funds) in Canada

• $45.00 per year (U.S. funds) anywhere else

To subscribe now using your credit card or Paypal account, simply choose your location below and click the Buy Now button.


SGN Subscription

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Also, back issues are available in limited quantities. (Check first with your supplier to see if they have any that you can get for free!)

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When you are ready, mail your order form(s) and payment to the address below, or call 231.652.1806 to order with your credit card.